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I Transform Your Ideas Into Realities

I am Dalton Tan and I help people create websites, mobile applications, and various software to help you improve your business. I am a senior full-stack developer with plenty of experience as a lead engineer, system architect, and project manager etc. I have over 10 years experience in this industry and have deep knowledge across the full-stack technology. Because of this, I am able to design and implement high quality solutions in a short period of time. Tech is my passion so I am always picking up new skills and best practices to improve my craft.

I Help You Make The Right Decision

In addition to software development, I provide consultancy services to help you and your business make better decisions for you IT solutions. Are you making the right decisions to improve your business? Often times, people are too optimistic about what works and spend too much money makings things that do not live up to expectations. I can help you identify features that are more important so you can invest your money elsewhere.

Just how experienced am I? My portfolio ranges from a simple blog to a file sharing site, an image editor to an e-commerce platform, a machine learning software to a large scale website with millions of monthly visitors.

Technical Skills

Current Stack: Python, Django, JavaScript, Vue.js, Postgresql, Nginx, Redis, Ubuntu, Ansible, Vagrant

Past Experience: Go, PHP, Node.js, Express.js, Gin, Yii, jQuery, Java, Android, C#, Objective-C (iOS), MySQL, Apache, CentOS

Open Sourced Projects & Articles

xnotify Cross platform file notification with built-in task execution and a client/server feature to overcome virtual folders without relying on polling.

xvalid Lightweight validation library that can export rules as JSON so browsers can apply the same rules.

webp-recompress Compress image to webp using SSIM for maximum compression without perceptual quality loss.

Analyzing which subreddit deletes the most comment

How To Compile Go code 40% faster with RAM disk



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