How Much Do Singapore Freelance Charge (Photographer, EDesigner, Software Developer etc.)

Per Hour

Probably the most common way to charge a project is by the hour. Often the rate decreases as the hours increases. Usually to give a more competitive price and also because they save time. The downside to this method is that cost can exceed your budget if the time required increased. This is a bad approach for uncertain projects.

Additional Cost

Why do some projects cost more even if the duration is the same? Some projects require strenuous effort, more risk or addition cost to the freelancer. This cost would be factored into the rate they charge.

Minimum Cost

So you think you can hire someone for 10 minutes and pay much less? Tough luck! Some will reject without a beat, some might impose a minimum time, some will simply start at a much higher rate than they usually would when working for many hours.

Fixed Amount

Having a fixed amount both parties agreed on can be a benefit to everyone. Or not. When a fixed price is given, the freelancer would not charge more or less than stipulated. This means that if the project overruns the estimated time, the freelancer loses money. On the other hand, if the project completes early, the freelancer get all the profit. The advantage to this approach is the predictable cost.

Break Down Cost

Big project can be very expensive. Feel free to ask the freelancer for a break down of the cost to see where all the money is going. They should be able to provide this easily because they should have done the break down when estimating the cost.

Which Do I Choose?

Well, you don't really get to choose since each freelancer has their own preferred method. But if you don't like taking risk, go for the fixed amount.

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How to Find Photographers in Singapore 2018

Go to online photography communities

Passionate photographers love sharing their work and getting inspiration from like-minded people. In addition you get to see their artworks and what people think of them. They actually use it as their portfolio! Some popular communities are Flickr, 500px and Behance. This is where you find the cream of the crop.

Use Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or any Social Media

Everyone knows that these few platforms are filled with pictures. The good thing about Instagram is that they allow you to search for photos taken near you i.e. in Singapore. Tumblr and Pinterest are also platforms that are frequently used by photographers to reach out to bigger audience. Slide into their DM!

Magazines, newspaper, blogs and posters

Photographers who have made their mark are often seen on bigger media such as magazines and newspapers. It's quite a common practice to credit their photographers by placing their names below the images. Simply google their names and you'll find the portfolio. Don't neglect blogs as their often very easy to search.

Friend recommendation

Everybody these days need photographers, whether it's for a passport, birthday event or company outing. You'd be surprised how many people have had their photos taken professionally. Best of all, they can vouch for the quality of service. Don't limit yourself to your social circle. If you see any photo you like online, ask the person where he got the photographer.


What a win-win situation. You give them job experience and the give you better rates. Be cautious though. Young photographers might be inexperience and might not be able to provide you the quality your desire. Some places to look for are polytechnics and ITEs since the students there often have more hands-on experience.


If you're looking for a professional photographer, look no further. I'm the guy you're looking for. Contact me now to book an arrangement.

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JS Framework 2018: Vue.js overtakes React.js and Angular is dying

It's 2018 and the 3 great Javascript frameworks has been around for a long time. The interest in Vuejs seems to be unstoppable and has now overtaken Reactjs. Reactjs interest has started to slow down, probably even stagnating. Especially since the recent PR issue with Facebook license. Following the JS framework cycle, expect to see Vuejs take the lead from here as Reactjs reaches it plateau. Reactjs is definitely here to stay since it fill a niche in the market.

Now let's take a look at Angular. The graph shows version 2 and above. Overall we're seeing a downward slope. Angular has been losing grounds to Vuejs and Reactjs for it's simplicity and speed. Angular is best suited for large applications, like the Java of JS world. It's already used in many large applications so don't expected to go away anytime soon.

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Restaurant/Cafe Food Menu Photographer in Singapore

Get yourself some stylistic and beautiful photographs for your food! I help businesses build their collection of photos whether it's for online marketing, posters or printed menu. Get a consistent and high quality style for every photo. Take a look at some of my works and feel free to contact me for anything.

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Singapore Food Photographer

Whether you need a few photos of your food and drinks or a whole menu of them, you're in good hands. I can help you take appetizing and beautiful photos. Do you need some photos for Instagram and Facebook, or are you setting up a new business? Feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you!

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