How to Find Photographers in Singapore 2018

Go to online photography communities

Passionate photographers love sharing their work and getting inspiration from like-minded people. In addition you get to see their artworks and what people think of them. They actually use it as their portfolio! Some popular communities are Flickr, 500px and Behance. This is where you find the cream of the crop.

Use Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or any Social Media

Everyone knows that these few platforms are filled with pictures. The good thing about Instagram is that they allow you to search for photos taken near you i.e. in Singapore. Tumblr and Pinterest are also platforms that are frequently used by photographers to reach out to bigger audience. Slide into their DM!

Magazines, newspaper, blogs and posters

Photographers who have made their mark are often seen on bigger media such as magazines and newspapers. It's quite a common practice to credit their photographers by placing their names below the images. Simply google their names and you'll find the portfolio. Don't neglect blogs as their often very easy to search.

Friend recommendation

Everybody these days need photographers, whether it's for a passport, birthday event or company outing. You'd be surprised how many people have had their photos taken professionally. Best of all, they can vouch for the quality of service. Don't limit yourself to your social circle. If you see any photo you like online, ask the person where he got the photographer.


What a win-win situation. You give them job experience and the give you better rates. Be cautious though. Young photographers might be inexperience and might not be able to provide you the quality your desire. Some places to look for are polytechnics and ITEs since the students there often have more hands-on experience.


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